Brady Says He Hopes to Play in All Preseason Games


Brady Says He Hopes to Play in All Preseason Games Worried that those full-price tickets to preseason games at Gillette won't be worth it? Fear not, because Tom Brady hopes to make it worth your while — at least for a series or two.

“We’ve got four preseason games,” Brady said on Sirius Radio's Mad Dog Channel, according to the Boston Herald. “If I play in all of them, I’d be very happy about that.”

Brady also said that had he been able to play in last year's preseason, he might have been able to avoid the season-ending injury he suffered in Week 1.

“It was unfortunate that I wasn’t out there last year because hopefully that really could’ve helped me out in terms of my timing for the first game,” Brady said. “You never know if I could’ve avoided the hit that I took had I been out there to understand the presence in the pocket. So I want to be out there to participate.”

While seeing Brady throw some passes for a few nights in August will be a welcome sight for Patriots fans, it will look even better knowing that it might result in Brady throwing a few passes in February.

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