Former Met Church Responds to Manuel’s ‘Cheap Shot’


Former Met Church Responds to Manuel's 'Cheap Shot' The Mets are 12 1/2 games out of the NL East lead and six games behind the third-place Braves, but things suddenly got interesting between the boys from Queens and their rivals in Atlanta.

After David Wright suffered a concussion Saturday, Mets manager Jerry Manuel told the media that
Wright is a "different animal" than former Met Ryan Church, who missed a lot of time
after suffering from two separate concussions last season.

Harmless, right? Not according to Church, who was traded to the Braves last month for Jeff Francoeur

"I could read between the lines," Church told The Star-Ledger before
the Mets-Braves series opener at Citi Field. "It was kind of a cheap
shot, but it is what it is. I'm not going to get into a p—ing
contest. It's not worth it. I'm here trying to make the playoffs."

When told of Church's response, Manuel apologized for the comments, saying he meant no disrespect.

"The whole 'different animal' this and that, what David was talking about, the stuff that he was having is nothing compared to what I was going through," Church said. "Not taking anything away from that. It was a shock to have him say that. I just find it funny that they take shots now that I'm not in a Mets uniform. It's kind of odd. It's like, all right, I'll just take the high road."

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