Bill Cosby Takes a Stroll Down Memory Lane


Dec 18, 2009

Bill Cosby Takes a Stroll Down Memory Lane Bill Cosby‘s playing days are a few (dozen) years behind him, but that didn’t stop him from suiting up in his old Temple uniform.

The legendary comedian donned his old uniform, and though the photo was taken a couple years back, a classic like this one never gets old.

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Bill Cosby Takes a Stroll Down Memory Lane

Comment of the Day

Last week,’s James Murphy detailed the long, arduous process of building an outdoor rink that is suitable for the NHL. There’s no doubt that such a task is far from simple, yet one reader thinks it’s as easy as laying down a tarp in your backyard.

“It’s called hot water….pour it on ice and it works wonders !!”

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You can watch this video 10 times and still not really comprehend what happens. Oh, and the play-by-play man gets an assist for reacting just about perfectly.

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