North Carolina A&T's James Porter Takes Control Against Northwestern Luka Mirkovic is a sophomore at Northwestern. He came from Serbia to play college basketball in America. From the looks of this photo, it looks like North Carolina A&T’s James Porter isn’t interested in giving Mirkovic any special treatment.

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North Carolina A&T's James Porter Takes Control Against Northwestern

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Randy Moss has been taking a lot of heat from the Carolina Panthers for “shutting it down” and getting discouraged on Sunday. Though there’s no question that Moss was at least a little bit off his game (to put it lightly), not all fans are ready to give up on the future Hall of Famer.

“Those are the comments of players who know they won’t have to face Moss again this season. Moss takes failure harder than most, but that’s why he’s such a great player. People have been misreading him since before he was drafted. “

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Peyton Manning often gets credit for being the funniest athlete in the sports world today. After watching Dwyane Wade‘s acting job on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the NBA superstar could give Manning a run for his money.

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