Jets' Bart Scott Taking Bill Belichick Approach in Playoffs In the past, Jets linebacker Bart Scott has taken verbal shots at NFL players like Reggie Bush, LenDale White and T.J. Houshmandzadeh. But now Scott is taking a Bill Belichick approach to trash talk and saying nothing before the team’s divisional playoff game against the Chargers on Sunday.

"I’m just trying to get ready,” Scott told “I’ve been here before. I’m nowhere near satisfied. One game isn’t the Super Bowl, so I know what it takes."

Scott was a member of the Baltimore Ravens team that lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in last year’s AFC Championship game.

The Jets linebacker refrained from trash talk heading into the regular-season finale against the Cincinnati Bengals. Since then, the team is undefeated.

"I'm just concerned with trying to lead this team," Scott said, "and let them lean on any experience I've got from being in big games and going on the road and trying to win tough games. I'm just trying to stay even keel and make sure I do everything preparation-wise I can do to secure victory."

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers has engaged opponents in trash talk before, but Scott isn’t focused on verbal warfare.

“I'm not concerned with engaging him in conversation,” Scott said. “There's too much other stuff to worry about in that offense.”