LaDainian Tomlinson Lets the Emotions Pour Out


LaDainian Tomlinson Lets the Emotions Pour Out It’s not clear whether LaDainian Tomlinson will miss playing for the only NFL franchise he’s ever known or if he’s just upset that he’ll be leaving the best weather in the country, but it’s pretty obvious that he was feeling sad on Wednesday.

The (likely) future Hall of Famer held a news conference to announce his future plans, and the waterworks were out in full effect.

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LaDainian Tomlinson Lets the Emotions Pour Out

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“I think [Randy Moss’ comments] were taken out of context. Do you know what he made over the last two years with us? He made over $20 million the last two years. We don?t pay for quality? I think you can see that [we do].”
–Patriots owner Robert Kraft, to the Boston Herald, regarding Moss’ expectation that he’ll be playing his last season in New England

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Johnny Damon has long been regarded as a traitor to all Red Sox fans, but one fan says he doesn’t mind Damon’s jumping ship to the pinstripes — he just wanted a little bit of honesty.

“Reporters always say it is because he signed with the Yankees that Boston fans reacted so severely. May be true for some, but for me it was — as now — his mouth. If he had been honest and said, ‘sorry, but I needed to sign the biggest deal to secure my future’ most fans would have accepted. But no, he (a) blamed the Sox, and (b) said he wanted to be a Yankee. Nope, not where he went, but his mouth, then as now.”

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