Being a dedicated fan is different than being an obsessive zealot whose future children may need psychiatric therapy. An Alabama couple may be leaning toward the latter.

According to the Tallassee Tribune, J.L. and Jackie Redd named their newborn son Crimson Tide Redd, a nod to their college football fandom. In an effort to spare their son the mockery that only a bizarre name in elementary school can bring, they have decided to call him Ty, for short.

While J.L.'s family was ecstatic about the name choice, Jackie's was a little less enthused about their grandson joining the ranks of Tyde and Saban Witts.

"Her family couldn't understand why we'd name our child after a football team," J.L. told the Tribune.

Before Crimson's birth, the couple had decided that J.L. would be in charge of the naming. Looking to utilize his last name Redd as inspiration, the Tallassee police officer decided he might as well honor the University of Alabama, too.

Despite already owning a large amount of Alabama-themed memorabilia, young Crimson will not be pigeonholed into a life of "Roll Tide" cries — at least if he becomes the next Joe Namath.

"If [Auburn] offers him a scholarship, then I'll be happy for him to go there," J.L. said.

That is, if the Tide don't offer him a full ride first.