Charles Barkley Says Michael Jordan’s New Mustache ‘Is Just Stupid’


Charles Barkley Says Michael Jordan's New Mustache 'Is Just Stupid' Charles Barkley
is no stranger to speaking his mind on anything and everything.

So when Miami Herald writer Dan Le Batard asked about Michael Jordan’s recent facial hair style during a radio interview, Barkley couldn’t contain himself, Yahoo Sports reports.

"When I am shooting the Taco Bell commercial, they have got this little woman making sure that every cinnamon twist and every piece of cheese is in order, and now they let my man get on TV with that terrible mustache," Barkley said , according to a transcription of the broadcast. "I was totally in shock, and just, I just can't believe that. That is really not good at all."

To be fair, it really is not good at all. The half-shaved, take-off-the-ends technique that MJ is using looks more like he had to leave in a rush and couldn’t finish his morning shave. What Hanes was thinking when they approved the ‘stache for the commercial, or even what Jordan was thinking (he has appeared on the cover of a few men’s magazines, after all) defies common sense.

When Le Batard pressed Barkley if he would ever take Jordan’s new idea for a mustache on the set of his Taco Bell commercials, Barkley made his opinion clear.

"Well, first of all I would never shave my mustache like that," Barkley said. "I mean I have got to admit that I don't know what the hell he was thinking and I don't know what Hanes was thinking. I mean it is just stupid. It is just bad, plain and simple."

That about sums it up.

Screen grab from YouTube.

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