Steve Carell Makes Another ‘Decision,’ Tells Paul Rudd He Chooses Outback Steakhouse


July 15, 2010

LeBron James wasn?t the only man struggling to make a televised decision recently. Steve Carell and Paul Rudd also had some trouble.

The co-stars of the upcoming film Dinner for Schmucks parodied ESPN?s The Decision — the maligned, hour-long LeBron special in which the superstar drew out his announcement with the help of moderator Jim Gray.

Aired during the ESPYs on Wednesday night, Carell acknowledged that he?d told everyone about his decision, from Vice President Joe Biden to MMA fighter Tito Ortiz. Rudd finally got around to asking the funnyman what decision he had reached. Carell struggled to respond that he was “taking his appetite to Outback Steakhouse.” This required him to opt out of Chili?s.

“In some ways, it was incredibly hard, and at other times, it was very hard,” Carell admitted.

The owner of Chili?s was not satisfied with that illustration of remorse and sent a letter mere seconds after the official announcement was made, to mimic Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. Rudd read aloud, noting the portion in all caps: “I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE HIS MEAL WILL LEAVE HIM GASSY.”

To view the spot-on parody, check out the video below.



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