Shane Carwin’s Role in Steroid Case Proves UFC Still Has Some WWE in It


Aug 15, 2010

When you look at 1998 Mark McGwire, WWE wrestlers, American Gladiators, Shawne Merriman, or Bulgarian powerlifters, you see the obvious. These guys are on steroids.

In all of those cases, you're right, so why should fans expect the UFC to be any different when the appearance is the same?

They shouldn't, and Friday's revelation that a Mobile, Ala. pharmacist provided steroids to top-five heavyweight Shane Carwin simply confirmed that.

Who were the others who got their juice at the same place? Kurt Angle, fellow wrestler Bob "Hardcore" Holly and a host of bodybuilders.

Carwin is no small name in MMA. He held the heavyweight title on an interim basis this year while Brock Lesnar was on medical leave, and he nearly defeated Lesnar for the title in July.

This is really nothing new to the sport. Many competitors have been busted for steroids before, including big names like Ken Shamrock, but Carwin's is probably the most high-profile case.

The UFC competitors are tested for steroid use, but it is hard to believe that the practice still isn't widespread or that the testing is remotely stringent.

The organization has made a concerted — and successful — effort to differentiate itself from the WWE and become a real sport. President Dana White even wants to see it become a college sport, and that seems less and less out of the question as it catches on.

Still, in order for it to truly establish legitimacy, it needs to take juicing out of the game entirely.

It's just too hard to not lump the UFC in with the WWE when Carwin and Angle are listed in the same police report.

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