Would Red Sox Fans Still Cheer for Mike Lowell If He Was Traded to Yankees? With Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis having season-ending surgery, a door opened — at least temporarily — for Mike Lowell to return to the Red Sox and contribute.

Lowell did just that last week when he was activated from the disabled list and promptly hit the first pitch he saw over the Green Monster for a home run.

But while his situation has been resolved for now, there was once a ton of uncertainty regarding Lowell’s future with the Red Sox. In fact, there were reports that said that Lowell was on the verge of returning to where he started his career to don pinstripes as a member of the New York Yankees.

If Lowell were to become a Yankee, it would provide an interesting dilemma for Red Sox fans upon his return to Fenway Park.

Often, those players who leave the Red Sox for the Bronx Bombers get a harsh reception upon their return to Boston. Just look at Johnny Damon. He was a catalyst for the Red Sox’ run to their first World Series in 86 years. He played every game as if it were his last and was always willing to run through walls for the team. Yet, despite that, Damon was booed when he returned.

Of course, Damon left Boston for the Yankees in pursuit of a better contract. If Lowell were dealt at the deadline, that might have changed how he was received when returning.

Lowell is one of the most popular players on the Red Sox. He was the 2007 World Series MVP and has been, by all accounts, a stand-up guy in a situation that he clearly couldn’t have liked. All he’s wanted to do is just play.

It would make sense that Red Sox fans would want to see him succeed wherever he went, but what if he were succeeding for the Yankees as a designated hitter option while filling in occasionally at third base and first base?

Luckily though, for Lowell fans, the trade that would have sent him to New York fell through. But if Lowell had been traded to the Yankees, would Red Sox fans still cheer for him?

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