Family of Driver Who Hit Tom Brady Upset With Media, Authorities


September 10, 2010

While Tom Brady walked away from his car accident unscathed Thursday, the passenger of the minivan that collided with him is suffering.

Rogerio Rodrigues from Fall River, Mass., was lying down in the back of the 1997 Mercury Villager driven by his son Ludgero. Ludgero was taking Rogerio, his 49-year-old father, to get treatment for his already-ailing back when the car crashed into Brady's Audi S8. Rogerio's back broke on impact, causing him to be rushed to the hospital.

Rogerio's sister told the Boston Globe that the media and authorities are ignoring her brother's injury and only focusing on Brady.

"Why? Because we're poor. We don't have money, because Tom Brady is famous." she told the Globe.

The driver insists that he did not run a red light to cause the accident, despite authorities and eyewitnesses stating that Brady had the right of way. Still, the sister who asked not to be identified, insists that everyone is taking it too easy on Brady.

"Nobody talks about Tom Brady because he?s a rich guy and we?re poor," she told the Globe. "My brother is in very bad condition. We are upset. Leave the family alone because we are in pain."

There is no word yet as to whether or not Brady has reached out to the family.

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