If Ozzie Guillen can coexist with Manny Ramirez for the next month, perhaps that could be part of his platform for running for the next mayor of Chicago.

Current Chicago mayor Richard Daley announced on Monday that he was not going to seek another term as the city's mayor.

Guillen's response to that? "Why not me?"

Guillen playfully made the remark on his Twitter page shortly after the news broke that the 68-year-old Daley wouldn't be seeking reelection after holding office as the mayor since 1989. Guillen also added, "I hope I am in Chicago as long as you were mayor."

If Guillen can help the White Sox catch the Rays in the wild-card race this season, that may go a long way in keeping him in Chicago.

And if not, Guillen could always try his hand in politics. After all, he is loud, opinionated and highly controversial which means he's already on the fast track to politics.