The average sports personality has a 15 percent positive score and a 24 percent negative score, according to the Q Scores Company — which analyzes brand appeal.

In January 2010, LeBron James was well ahead of that benchmark, having a 24 percent positive, 22 percent negative rating, CNBC reports.

Less than one year later, his ratings have unsurprisingly taken a nosedive. His score now sits at 14 percent positive and 39 percent negative. He lost over 33 percent of his support, while he nearly doubled his detractors.

James now ranks as the sixth most-hated athlete in America, behind only Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, the Cincinnati Bengals receiving duo of Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco, and Kobe Bryant.

Despite The Decision backlash, James has yet to lose sponsorship deals in the way Woods did after his adultery scandal. Still, this shift in public perception can't be good for King James in his attempts to gain new sponsors going forward.