Which Potential Free Agent Would You Most Like to See in Red Sox Lineup in 2011? Sunday marks the end of the Red Sox' 2010 regular season. On a related note, Sunday marks the beginning of the Red Sox' 2010-11 offseason.

Nothing stokes the fire of the hot stove season like a disappointing season, something the Red Sox ultimately experienced in 2010.

The Sox will definitely be looking to upgrade and improve this offseason and they'll have plenty of options to get better offensively in what could potentially be a dynamite free agent class.

Boston may look for help elsewhere too, of course. Two of the bigger-name free agents on the market will be Phillies outfielder Jayson Werth and Rays outfielder Carl Crawford. The Red Sox could use another outfielder, especially one who could hit in the middle of the order, something both Werth and Crawford could do. Crawford may be even more attractive when you factor in his blazing speed as well.

That middle-of-the-lineup hitter the Red Sox may  be looking for could come in the form of Nationals first baseman Adam Dunn. Current Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis said he'd be willing to move back to third base, so it could work out.

And in the longshots department, there is always the outside chance that somehow Derek Jeter and the Yankees can't come to a contract agreement…

Which free agent hitter would you like to see in the Boston lineup come 2011?

Which potential free agent would you most like to see in Red Sox lineup in 2011?Market Research