San Diego, Tennessee Could Be Top Suitors for Randy Moss, Patriots a Slight Possibility


San Diego, Tennessee Could Be Top Suitors for Randy Moss, Patriots a Slight Possibility Randy Moss will hit the NFL’s waiver wire Tuesday, according to a statement released by the Vikings, and he could get claimed and land with a new organization as early as Wednesday. But if Moss clears waivers, he would be free to sign anywhere.

Let’s weigh Moss’ chances to find a home with each of the league’s 32 teams. And while there’s no telling how much demand there will be on the waiver wire, Moss actually might make sense for more teams than one may think.


1. Chargers
Yeah, wide receiver Vincent Jackson is coming back, but the Chargers are 3-5 and can’t afford to wait on him. And they can’t hope to keep winning games with their lack of receiver depth due to the slew of injuries.

2. Titans
Wide receiver Kenny Britt‘s hamstring injury could keep him out awhile, and this passing attack needs help.

3. Bills
The Bills tried it in 2009 with Terrell Owens, and they’ve got to do something to excite the fans.

4. Cowboys
Owner Jerry Jones loves his star power, and the Cowboys have high waiver priority. He’d be willing to do anything to shake up that locker room.

5. Broncos
Head coach Josh McDaniels helped Moss catch 23 touchdown passes in 2007, and McDaniels needs help to keep his job after this season.

6. Redskins
There was a point when Joey Galloway was their top receiver. ‘Nuff said.

7. Bears
The Bears aren?t afraid to go after controversial stars, evidenced by the signing of defensive end Julius Peppers, and Moss would add a spark to the passing game.

8. Chiefs
Quarterback Matt Cassel developed a rhythm with Moss in 2008, and the Chiefs’ receivers leave plenty to be desired.

9. Jaguars
This organization needs a face if it wants to stay in Jacksonville, and Moss sells tickets.


10. Packers
They’ve got good wideouts, but they could still use a little extra something to overcome the loss of running back Ryan Grant. Oh, and the Vikings gave the one-finger salute to Green Bay when they acquired Brett Favre. This might be a way to avenge that.

11. Panthers
This is a team and an offense without structure. Moss probably wouldn?t add much to that, but he’d generate some excitement opposite of Steve Smith.

12. Dolphins
It sounds like they’re interested in claiming Moss to keep him away from New England. Plus, Moss, Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess would provide rocket-armed Chad Henne with one of the best receiving groups in the league.

13. Jets
The Jets just seem like they’re willing to add anyone. Unless it’s Adalius Thomas, anyway.

14. Browns
Head coach Eric Mangini might drool over the idea of welcoming Moss to Cleveland as he gets ready to host the Patriots.

15. 49ers
The Niners are at their best when they spread out the offense, and head coach Mike Singletary is fighting to keep his job. He could be desperate for anything, even if wide receiver Michael Crabtree and tight end Vernon Davis are already a pair of overly strong personalities within that offense.

16. Seahawks
The NFC West is there for the taking, and head coach Pete Carroll doesn?t discriminate against talent.

17. Cardinals
They’ve lost too much talent to be a contender, but Moss could at least add a lift to this hurting passing attack.


18. Patriots
Bill Belichick dumped Moss because, for any number of reasons, it just stopped working — not because Belichick was interested in adding another third-round pick. Obviously, don?t rule anything out with this team, but it wouldn?t make sense for them to go back after Moss.

19. Raiders
Al Davis loves superstars, too, and he probably already forgot the Moss thing didn?t work out the first time around.


20. Colts
This offense thrives on the receivers being in perfect harmony with quarterback Peyton Manning. That won’t happen with Moss, at least not after a midseason acquisition.

21. Texans
It might be tempting to put Moss opposite of Andre Johnson, but the Texans probably have enough weapons already.

22. Steelers
Moss could help the downfield passing attack, but he doesn?t fit that organization’s personality.

23. Rams
Their receiving corps has been overrun with injuries, but the Rams have a young quarterback in Sam Bradford and a young coach in Steve Spagnuolo, so they wouldn?t need the headache.

24. Giants
Head coach Tom Coughlin doesn?t seem like a Moss guy. Just a hunch.

25. Falcons
This offense is pretty good the way it is.

26. Lions
The offense isn?t the problem in Detroit, and they’ve also got a young quarterback and head coach who wouldn?t need someone like Moss.

27. Eagles
This might be different if Kevin Kolb was the unquestioned quarterback, but Moss might not fit with Michael Vick‘s style.

28. Buccaneers
Head coach Raheem Morris wants to do it his way with his people. Acquiring Moss would go against everything the Bucs have done since hiring Morris.


29. Ravens
Baltimore has plenty of receiving options and even gets Donte Stallworth back this week. However, linebacker Ray Lewis could control Moss in the locker room.

30. Saints
They’ve got a very complex offensive system, and there’s no way Moss could be effective while trying to catch up to speed.

31. Bengals
Head coach Marvin Lewis would probably quit if Moss was added to the mix with Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens.

32. Vikings
Just for laughs, here’s how Moss and the Vikings reunite: Moss receives no interest from the other 31 teams, the Vikings get blown out by the Cardinals, then fire Childress and Moss re-signs. Outside of that, nope, it’s not happening.

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