Tom Brady Sports The Situation’s Haircut and Nine Other Famous Dos in Esquire Style Guide


December 4, 2010

What do Tom Brady and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino have in common?

Nothing, really. But now, thanks to and the inventors of Photoshop, Patriots fans can see what Brady would look like with the Jersey Shore star?s hairstyle.

The Situation is one of 10 different haircuts that Brady can be seen sporting in the slideshow as a replacement for his current haircut, “The Beiber.” Others include Brady going bald in the Bruce Willis mold, wearing a top hat, a la Justin Timberlake, or sporting a messy mop top similar to David Beckham.

Some of the images will undoubtedly make Patriots fans happy Brady spends the majority of his time wearing a helmet.

Brady?s hair has been in the spotlight for much of this season and has drawn comments from opposing fans and players alike. But Brady and the Patriots have laughed all the way to an NFL-best 9-2 record, and Tom Terrific is widely considered one of the league?s front-runners for MVP.

Tom Brady Sports The Situation's Haircut and Nine Other Famous Dos in Esquire Style Guide

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