Tom Brady Takes High Road Regarding Terrell Suggs’ Comments on Pro Bowl Ballot


FOXBORO, Mass. — Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wouldn’t stoop to Terrell Suggs' level.

Suggs, an outspoken Ravens linebacker who has a special kind of infatuation with Brady, said this week that he left Brady off of his Pro Bowl ballot in favor of Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Brady didn’t get a chance to vote this week because he was sick with the flu, but if he had gotten the chance, Suggs would have gotten his vote.

"I think he's a great player," Brady said Friday. "He really is. I didn’t get to vote actually, so I left everybody off my Pro Bowl roster this year because I was sick, unfortunately. But I would have voted for Terrell. He gets my vote, such a nice guy."

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