Bears Season Ticket Holder Gives up NFC Championship Tickets to Wounded Veterans


Outrageously high prices on are an indication of the role greed can play when it comes to playoff football tickets. But that is not the case for one Ohio resident. reports that Bears season ticket holder Brad Buell of Libertyville, Ohio, gave away his NFC Championship tickets to wounded veterans without hesitation. 

"These veterans are doing something that I think 99 percent of people out there won't do," he said. "They run into harm’s way when everyone else is running away."

This is not the first instance of Buell's generosity, as he has been donating his tickets to worthy causes for years. He even once sacrificed Super Bowl tickets one year when he couldn't decide who to bring to the big game.

"I was at a loss and didn't want to disappoint anyone," Buell said. "I thought, 'Let's send someone who normally cant go to a Super Bowl.'"

To find the veterans, Buell works through Ohio governor Pat Quinn's office. Quinn works through the Department of Veterans Affairs to find the most deserving veterans who are highly decorated or wounded. The governor even bought a pair of tickets himself to donate to a pair of worthy vets.

Buell says that if the Bears advance to the Super Bowl and he wins tickets through the lottery system, they will, once again, land in the hands of veterans.

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