Remember the controversial Nike commercial, "Rise — What Should I Do," featuring LeBron James in the midst of the all the dissension surrounding his decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers?

The commercial showed James asking several questions, like if he should admit that he's made mistakes, if he should really believe that he ruined his legacy and if he should tell you he's not a role model. He also made a dig at Charles Barkley that didn't settle well with fans of Sir Charles.

A YouTube parody of Brett Favre has been made mocking this controversial commercial. Favre, like James, is another professional athlete who has been embattled in his own issues of controversy that have resulted in intense media coverage and fan backlash.

Favre has continually changed his mind on whether or not he is retiring from the NFL — after giving national press conferences announcing his retirement, he has signed and resigned with teams — and then there is the most recent scandal where he allegedly sent inappropriate text messages to a female employee, Jenn Sterger, of the New York Jets in 2008.

The parody features a Favre look-a-like who talks with a southern accent and mocks everything from the text message scandal to Favre's Wrangler Jeans endorsement.

Check out the Brett Favre parody on YouTube.

Warning: Some of the language in the video link may not be suitable for children.