Carmelo Anthony Promises No LeBron James-Like ‘Decision’ on ‘Conan’


Carmelo Anthony Promises No LeBron James-Like 'Decision' on 'Conan' Monday was a pretty interesting day for Carmelo Anthony.

He woke up in Los Angeles after winning the All-Star Game, he stopped by Conan to record that night’s show, and then, hours later, he was traded to the New York Knicks.

While we knew by the time the show aired at 11 p.m. where Anthony will play his basketball for the next few months, nobody knew what his plans were when the show was filmed. That didn’t stop Conan O’Brien from peppering the star with questions.

“What if you were really hungry, and you had a choice between a Denver omelette, saltwater taffy from New Jersey or Manhattan clam chowder — which one would you want to eat?” O’Brien asked.

The question drew a chuckle from Anthony (he picked the Denver omelette, by the way), who later promised there would be no LeBron James-like TV specials to announce his future. O’Brien told Anthony that he was welcome back to break the news on his show.

“No ‘decisions,’ no ‘decisions,'” Anthony said.

There’s no doubt that James took some “mental notes” of that comment. The Knicks visit LeBron’s Heat on Sunday night in Miami.

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