If Minnesota Vikings tackle Bryant McKinnie had any trouble getting people to come to the bar with him, he won't now, thanks to TMZ.com.

Even though he denied the story, McKinnie's popularity must have increased when rumors surfaced that he racked up a $100,000 bar tab during the NBA All-Star weekend in Los Angeles.

According to the Pioneer Press, McKinnie claims the rumors got out of hand when he went up on stage during a Rick Ross concert. The Viking said that Ross allegedly made a comment about spending $100,000 for "bottles in the club" and TMZ reporters thought it was in reference to McKinnie.

"All of a sudden that became my tab somehow," he said. "Like seriously, at the time I was laughing thinking it was in good fun until people started talking about it and took it a little too far.

"I don't even see a possible way to consume that much alcohol by 2 a.m.," he added.