FOXBORO, Mass. — Bill Belichick did it again.

The Patriots traded their 28th pick to the Saints for the 56th pick and a 2012 first-rounder, ensuring the Pats will have at least two picks in the first round of next year's draft.

"We thought it was good value for the pick, and we feel like there are players on the board who will give us good value in our picks that we have [Friday]," Belichick said. "We certainly gave up something in moving back, but we felt like what we got in return for that was beneficial for the organization and the team.

"We felt like we would be able to still help our team this year but put ourselves in a position to get a quality player next year, as well."

The Patriots passed over a handful of interesting prospects, including Alabama running back Mark Ingram, who the Saints wanted with that selection. Later in the round, potential Patriots targets Muhammad Wilkerson (Jets) and Cameron Heyward (Steelers) were also taken off the board. But the Patriots could still find a player of similar value early in Friday's second round.

"We felt like the trade with New Orleans was good value relative to the players that we had on the board and what those picks are going to be tomorrow," Belichick said. "That's why we made the trade."