Jimmy Connors Instructing New Generation With Tennis App for iPhone, iPad


Jimmy Connors coached Andy Roddick in 2006 all the way to the U.S. Open final. Now, he can coach you.

Connors is launching the "Jimmy Connors 109" app for the iPhone and iPad with publisher ICN on Friday, reports USA Today.

The 109 symbolizes the 109 singles titles he won, which still remain a men's tennis record, during his professional career from 1972-96.

The winner of eight Grand Slam singles titles uses his own game as a model to instruct players with part tutorial and part anecdotal advice.

The app is intended for players of all skill levels — a beginner just learning the game, a recreational player, collegiate athlete, professional, and so on.

"I go back to basics, which is how I learned to play," Connors told USA Today. "I really believe simpler is better, and as I'm describing a shot or a grip, I'm showing you exactly how I did it.

"I'm just getting into the social media aspect, but I think it's great," Connors told USA Today. "I hope this app will really engage people and they'll want to chat about it with me."

The 58-year-old Connors believes new technology is the best way for him to reach people. He has both a Twitter and Facebook account where he interacts with fans.

His app will be available for Android phones soon.

Check out the video below.

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