Vote: What Is the Celtics' Biggest Draft Need? The Celtics have the No. 25 and No. 55 picks in this year’s NBA draft. As for what they’re going to do with those picks is anyone’s guess, but one thing’s for sure: the C’s need some major help this offseason.

Boston’s strength can also be classified as its weakness. The C’s, who were 18th in offense (104 points per game) and second in defense (97.8 points allowed per game) last season, are experienced, but perhaps too experienced. With not much mileage left on the Big Three’s tires, the Celtics are in need of some young talent to surround Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green (a restricted free agent) for the future.

The Celts are also going to need to figure out a way to add depth to their bench, as they have just six players under contact (seven including a retired Shaquille O’Neal). 

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