Declares Boston 'Evil Superpower' of Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry Bill Simmons, how could you?

The so-called "Boston Sports Guy" may have to re-examine his credentials after allowing a writer on to claim the Red Sox are the "evil superpower" in the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry.

Declaring that there must be a clear good guy and bad guy in each historic clash between superpowers, Shane Ryan embarked on a quest to assign "evil points" to each city to determine which team to root for. That's all well and good, but he completely whiffs on his final decision.

Out of ten categories, Ryan awarded Boston evil points for categories such as "bodies of water," "important figures" and "team music." Meanwhile, New York earned (lost?) points for "music," "nicknames" and "past legends."

Boston beat out New York for the most evil points by a final score of 5.5 to 4.5. That it's even close, let alone calling Boston "evil," is cause for concern.

That editor-in-chief Bill Simmons could let such an egregious, outrageous claim go down on his watch is, quite frankly, a traveshamockery.