Magic Johnson Considers Dream Team Superior to Redeem Team, Fondly Recalls Great Scrimmages of 1992 Squad


Which was better: the Dream Team or the Redeem Team?

It's a debate that pits basketball legends such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson against the likes of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, and it isn't likely to end anytime soon.

Unless, of course, you ask Magic.

"When you think about the Olympics and the Dream Team, I have to throw it to you," Johnson said during an interview with the Los Angeles Times. "Kobe [Bryant] and them won by 22 points. Ehh, 22 points? We won by an average of 44 points. So when they want to step up to that, you tell them we'll be waiting on them."

Magic might have been a little off with his numbers — the Redeem Team's average margin of victory was 27.9 points, the Dream Team's 45.8 — but that doesn't negate his overall point.

That 45.8-point average win margin remains, by far, the largest in Olympics history. Heck, it's over 20 points per game higher than the average margin of victory for the 1972-73 undefeated UCLA team, and more than 10 points higher than that of the 2009-10 UConn women's team (34.9 points).

In addition, the Dream Team was never tested throughout the '92 Olympic Games, winning its medal round matches by 78, 51 and 32 points, respectively. But perhaps nothing exemplified their dominance more than the displays the team put on every day in practice.

Said Magic: "Everyday we would scrimmage against each other. Man, you talk about some of the greatest basketball I've ever played in or had been a part of, that was it."

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