Vote: Which Current Boston Athlete Would You Want to Carpool to Work With?


Vote: Which Current Boston Athlete Would You Want to Carpool to Work With? Commuting stinks. Stop-and-go traffic, annoying talk radio shows, repetitive news updates and the constant thought that you're wasting hours of your life can make traveling to and from work more unbearable that actually being at work.

The right carpool partner can make all the difference, for better or for worse. Complaining about work can be cathartic, or it can be awkward when you realize the coworker you've been trashing for the last 10 minutes is your passenger's best friend. Talking about family can be nice, but it can become grating when Bob thinks every time Susie picks her nose makes for a funny story.

And don't ever get stuck in a car with a New York sports fan. Ever. Trust us.

Few would complain about carpooling with a three-time Super Bowl champion or one of the greatest clutch hitters in baseball history, though. Traffic would surely come to a stop (if it wasn't stopped already) if Tom Brady or David Ortiz were on the side of the road with his thumb out.

Then again, would you really want to face the wrath of Patriots fans if anything happened to Brady while he rode in your vehicle? And while Big Papi might be a jolly fellow, by constantly spitting on his hands he could end up ruining the upholstery.

How about Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton? He has his own blog on the Bruins' website and his mother was born in Northern Ireland, so he might make for interesting conversation. We just wouldn't want to see what he'd do if someone cut you off.

Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco seems like a fun-loving guy. He comes across that way in his Twitter stream. The question is, would he chatter nonstop or spend the entire ride pecking away at his iPhone?

You: "So, Chad, how was practice today?"

Ochocinco: "Good." (Check his facebook status.)

You: "I heard a funny story. Want to hear it?"

Ochocinco: "Tweet the link @ochocinco and if it's funny I'll reply with a LOL. If it's really funny I'll respond ROFLMAO."

You'd never have to worry about Kevin Garnett not being engaged. Few players in NBA history have been as intense. But whereas screaming "Anything is possible!" might be motivational after winning a championship, it would be distracting while trying to change lanes during rush hour.

You: "I was thinking of making pot roast for dinner, but I'm not sure how it'll turn out."

Garnett: "Anything is possible!!!"

You: "I know. I mean, I have a recipe, but I've never made it before."

Garnett: "Anything is possible!!!"

You: "I appreciate your optimism, KG, but would you mind not yelling in my ear?"

Garnett: "Anything is possibllllllllle!!!"

You: "I think I liked it better when Chad Ochocino just ignored me."

Alright, so maybe it's not practical, but at least it'd mean great bragging rights with your friends.

Which current Boston athlete would you want to carpool to work with?

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