The Spygate reference just wasn’t enough for Derrick Mason. Naturally, he had to respond to Bill Belichick‘s berating of him in a 2009 game on Twitter, as well.

Mason tweeted on Friday afternoon that he saw the video from Bill Belichick: A Football Life in which Belichick yelled at the wide receiver in a 2009 game between the Patriots and Ravens, and Mason was not impressed.

“Just saw belichick video thing all u ppl are commenting about. He might As well called me boy! Lol total Disrespect,” read one tweet.

“Had I said that to him, everyone would have been in an uproar! I have too much respect for the game to speck [sic] to a coach in that manner!”

The tweets were actually the second time Mason responded to the documentary on Friday. Earlier in the day, the Jets wide receiver hinted at Spygate when discussing the conversation at practice.

According to Mason’s final tweet, he certainly seems to be looking forward to the Oct. 9 matchup between the two teams, while taking the time to add one last not-so-subtle Spygate jab.

“See u soon coach b.. Sg”

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