International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge Video Chats Via Chinese Social Media Site Weibo


In an historic event, International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge became the first IOC president to go live on the Internet for an interview.

In China on Friday, Rogge spent an hour answering questions submitted by over two million people live through the use of Weibo, a Chinese social networking site. He discussed the Youth Olympic Games coming to Nanjing in 2014, as well as the 14th World Conference on Sport For All, which was held in Beijing from Sept. 21-23.

Rogge also talked about the IOC's desire to become more involved with social media.

"We are working in many languages, we are reaching many people, but we are particularly focused on young people because they are more engaged in social media than, let's say, people of my generation," said Rogge. "We are reaching the youth of the world through social media."

The IOC reached plenty of individuals through the interview. Less than 24 hours after the chat, video of the interview had been viewed over one million times, and the Olympics page on Weibo received over 40,000 new fans.  During the interview, there were 100,000 messages exchanged through Weibo users.

Rogge said he and the IOC see the importance of the Internet and social media and will continue to utilize it in the future.

"We are working more and more with such entities as Weibo, Facebook and Twitter, and will continue to do so in the future," he said.

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