BenJarvus Green-Ellis‘ nickname “The Law Firm” has been a source of comedy since its inception, but one person takes that comedy to a whole new level.

YouTube user FantasyAlarm TV shot a mock commercial for “The law firm of BenJarvus Green-Ellis”. Rob Rieske offers his fictional services in helping teams overcome the many injustices of fantasy football.

The video sardonically imitates the tone and premise of commercials for real law firms, asking, “Have you ever been the victim of a bad bye week matchup? We’ll get it thrown out!”

The video doesn’t just use Green-Ellis’ name for labeling purposes, but even references the fantasy status of New England’s running back.

“Just look at all the times BenJarvus Green-Ellis has provided your fantasy team with multiple touchdowns and over 150 yards rushing …” says Rieske, who points to a scrolling image that reads, “Week 5 vs. Jets.”

Not surprisingly, the creators of the video failed to list a phone number.