Roberto Gomez Bolanos, Better Known as ‘Chespirito,’ Criticizes English Transmission of Pan-Am Games


The actor Roberto Gomez Bolanos, “Chespirito”, famous for his show El Chavo del 8, went on Twitter to criticize the transmission of the Pan-Am Games, asking for the information presented by the Mexican channels to be shown in Spanish.

“Only one complaint about the Pan-Am Games,” Bolanos tweeted. “Why is the information on TV in English? Here, the official language is Spanish, if it is due to rules, the rules need to be changed. The Hispanics are a majority.”

Against the criticism of some users, “Chespirito” recognized the importance of the English language worldwide but reiterated that “Spanish is a large majority.”

“Without beating around the bush: I ask that the information on TV for the Pan-Am games be done in Spanish,” he said. “Does anyone support me?”

Bolanos is an actor, comedian, author, songwriter, screenwriter, poet, director, and producer on Mexican Television. He is the creator of Chavo del 8 and El Chapulin Colorado, two shows from the 1970s that are still broadcast worldwide.

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