Wayne Gretzky Doesn’t Think He Could Score 200 Points in Today’s NHL


Wayne Gretzky Doesn't Think He Could Score 200 Points in Today's NHLThe Great One would only be The Good One if he played today. That's what Wayne Gretzky is saying, at least.

Gretzky told TSN that he doesn't think that he would be able to put up the same ridiculous stats he accomplished in the 80's if he played in today's NHL.

"Would I be able to ratchet 200 points [in a season]? Probably not," says Gretzky. "Because it's a different game."

He thinks that the players who currently play the sport are better athletes than the ones he faced off against and would keep him off the scoreboard so much.

"The defense and the goaltending of the players today is so much more advanced than it was in the 1980's," according to the legendary center. "That's not a knock against anybody in the 1980's, it's just a fact of life, the players are better today."

While players may benefit from improved conditioning and nutrition and all the modern marvels of today, it's hard to imagine any era of hockey that Wayne Gretzky wouldn't be able to excel at.

Gretzky broke the 200-point barrier four times in his storied career and remains the only player to reach those heights. But what do you think?

If he played in today's NHL, would Gretzky be able to break 200 points in a single season?

If Wayne Gretsky played in today's NHL, would he be able to score 200 points in a season?

If Wayne Gretzky played in today's NHL, would he be able to score 200 points in a season?

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