Lucas Analyzes Defensive Strategy Behind Chelsea Victory, Demands Same Against Manchester CityLucas pressured Chelsea's playmakers for 90 minutes on Sunday, limiting their ability to move the ball through the midfield. That was part of a larger strategy that was central to Liverpool's triumph over Chelsea, according to 

"We spoke about this before Sunday's game," Lucas said. "If we approach every single game like we approached the Chelsea game, then we would be in a better position.

Liverpool was the better team for much of the first half because of its pressing strategy. Despite boasting an array of international stars, Chelsea was unable to establish any rhythm to its attack because the Reds did not sit deep in their own half. They pressed certain opponents in certain spots instead.

By applying selective pressure, the Reds forced Chelsea's central defenders — John Terry and David Luiz — to assume creative responsibilites for which their skills are not suited. The approach paid off when Charlie Adam forced John Mikel Obi to turn the ball over, leading to LFC's first goal.

"They had the ball a lot at the back, and our strategy was to let the centre backs have the ball and then press at the right moment," Lucas said. When you regain the ball close to or in the opposition's half, you always have a chance to break and you can find space. That's what happened when we got the ball off Mikel and scored our first goal.

Winning the ball high up the field is a central aspect of Pep Guardiola's Barcelona team. The Spanish and European champions are renowned for their passing ability, but their defensive strategy is similar to the approach Liverpool took at Stamford Bridge Sunday.

"If you see Barcelona play, they play the ball out from the back a lot and they can be open if you regain the ball," Lucas added. "But the problem is that against Barcelona, you can't get the ball off them! We could do that against Chelsea though, and that was important."

Liverpool is at a decisive point in its season. It sits in sixth place in the English Premier League standings and host leader Manchester City on Sunday. The high-flying Citizens have scored an astonishing 42 goals in 12 league games this season.

Players have implemented the Chelsea strategy to great effect on the team's travels. The 24-year-old midfielder hopes manager Kenny Dalglish and his staff can devise an effective strategy to turn around its stuttering home form.

"Now we need to find a good way of playing at home," he said. "We have to improve our record there and if we do that then our position will definitely get better. When you're playing against teams that aren't maybe considered among the top clubs, then you always need to be on the attack and score goals."

City is a top team and Lucas thinks a balanced approach is the best strategy for the Reds to take into Sunday's clash.

"We have to find the balance and the right time to do that. When we play away, the first thing we do is defend very well and on the counter-attack we are dangerous. We have to find out the way to play at home, if we can do that then we can have a very good season."

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