Ryan Miller ‘Disappointed’ That Milan Lucic Wasn’t Suspended, Doesn’t Believe Bruins Winger’s Excuse


Nov 15, 2011

Ryan Miller 'Disappointed' That Milan Lucic Wasn't Suspended, Doesn't Believe Bruins Winger's ExcuseRyan Miller has let his feelings be known on Milan Lucic as a person, but the Sabres' netminder on Tuesday detailed his feelings on the league's decision to not suspend the Bruins' winger.

"I'm disappointed but it's … it's out of my control," Miller told reporters. "It's … you know I had my sound bite, you guys know how I feel. I don't think that's changed much. There are two sides to go to, and they chose to go in that direction.

"I'm not gonna be happy about it, but I'm not gonna speak out against it," Miller added. "We're gonna move forward and we're gonna play some hockey, and hopefully I'm playing hockey sooner than later and it's not going to be an issue."

Miller also responded to the notion that his teammates didn't have his back because they didn't pummel Lucic. The goalie said the team is tight and there are no problems, and he also added another jab at Lucic's character.

"I appreciate that [Sabres teammtes] wanted to do more, but what can you really do?" Miller said. "Are you gonna get a suspension yourself? Lucic is a tough guy. What are you gonna do, try to hack him or spear him? Cheapshot him? [Then] you're no better than he is."

Regarding the hit itself, Miller doesn't believe the excuse that Lucic didn't see him.

"He mishandled the puck," Miller said. "I think he was mad that he lost the puck. I heard what he had to say. Do I buy it? I think he said what he had to say to avoid being suspended. I think it's the NHL, man, like the guy can skate. He can stop, he can turn, he can pick his head up.

Miller said he didn't appreciate the way his concussion was being overlooked because Lucic did not make direct contact with the goalie's head.

"The one thing I was disappointed with the assessment or what came out of Boston and some of what came out of the league was it wasn't a head shot, so that was their conclusion to why the concussion maybe didn't come from that. I didn't know they were all doctors," Miller explained. "Concussions are caused by many things, one of them including a whiplash motion that sends your brain moving laterally or however you're hit. It doesn't need to be a direct impact. That fact alone — I'm rolling my eyes."

Regarding his health, Miller said he is concerned about the whiplash symptoms he's been suffering since the hit on Saturday evening. He did say, though, that his neck is in less pain.

"I don't know how to put a timeline on it, but I am encouraged that my neck feels better," Miller said. "Once that really feels good, I can start to make my way back."

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