There's no doubt that somewhere in the decision-making process for Theo Epstein, the 37-year-old must have been thinking about how he'd be remembered if he rescued two of baseball's most historically cursed franchises and brought them to World Series glory.

And he's not alone.

Former Red Sox manager Terry Francona wants in, too, telling the Chicago Tribune that he's "trying to stay under the radar" but wants to be considered for the vacant Cubs managerial job.

"I'm comfortable letting Theo take care of this. He's the boss," Francona told the newspaper, adding that he doesn't think he'd have to formally interview, after he and Epstein worked together in Boston for eight years.

While Francona wasn't too talkative about the prospect of managing the North Siders, the Tribune talked to a source close to Francona who said "deep down" he wants to manage the Cubs and has said so to Epstein.

It seems like a match that wouldn't be believed if it were part of a fictional story. Two guys play major roles in ending an 86-year-old curse, then move on to break another 100-plus-year curse in another city. Whether it has the chance to happen now seems to be in Epstein's hands.

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Would you like to see Tito and Theo reunited in Chicago to win another World Series together?

Terry Francona Hoping to Reunite With Theo Epstein, Make History Once Again

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"Obviously some of the offensive linemen went down and we smelled blood and we just went after [quarterback Philip Rivers]."
–Defensive lineman Richard Seymour, explaining the thoughts of the Raiders after several San Diego offensive linemen suffered injuries

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With Tyler Seguin having nine goals and eight assists, this is a rather fair question.

Terry Francona Hoping to Reunite With Theo Epstein, Make History Once Again

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I don't know about you, but my favorite part is at the beginning of Day 2, when the fog rises off the water.