Vote: Are Patriots in Trouble Against Giants in Super Bowl XLVI?It’s been four years since the Giants handed Tom Brady and the Patriots a colossal upset loss in Super Bowl XLII.

Despite most of the guys in the Pats’ locker room playing dumb, that game (and the pain that goes with it) is still pretty fresh in the minds of most New England fans.

On Feb. 5, the Patriots have a chance to redeem themselves. Brady has said he hopes to have the best game he’s every played. Bill Belichick is not the kind to lose twice to the same opponent. All the stars seem to have aligned for this one opportunity to solidify both star quarterback and genius coach as the greatest duo of all time. How could they possibly not take advantage of it?

Well, there’s plenty of doubt creeping in. The Giants have been on a furious tear through the top teams in the NFC, and they are licking their chops, eager to prove that Brady can’t best them. There’s a lot to be afraid of and the thought of losing is cringeworthy, but painfully realistic.

It’s going to be a nail-biter, that’s for sure. How are you feeling about the Patriots’ chances in Super Bowl XLVI?

How concerned are you about Super Bowl XLVI?