Orioles Banned From South Korea After Signing 17-Year-Old Pitching Prospect


February 9, 2012

The Baltimore Orioles are in hot water with a governing body that does not want their organization near their premises.

In South Korea that is.

The Orioles have been banned from attending games by the South Korea governing body of baseball after signing 17-year-old pitching prospect Kim Seong-min for $550,000 in January. 

In an attempt to stop Major League Baseball from draining its young talent, the Korean Baseball Association told both the MLB commissioner’s office and the Orioles that any team that signs South Korean players before they reach their final years of school will be banned from any KBA regulated games.

Seong-min has been punished for his contact with the Orioles, as he has been banned from playing and coaching in South Korea for an indefinite amount of time. The 17-year-old violated KBA guidelines by contacting a major league organization.

Major League Baseball has also heard from the Korea Baseball Organization in regards to a separate complaint about the Orioles.   

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