Robert Griffin III Disputes 40-Yard Dash Time, Claims Time of 4.35 Seconds

Robert Griffin III Disputes 40-Yard Dash Time, Claims Time of 4.35 SecondsQuarterback Robert Griffin III is already making things interesting for the NFL Draft in April.

After his performance at the NFL Combine on Sunday, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner has joined Andrew Luck as a serious candidate for the No. 1 overall selection. But even if he doesn't go first, some lucky team will have paid a fortune to get the second overall pick from the Rams in order to take Griffin there.

Now, things are heating up even more. Griffin set the record for the fastest 40-yard dash by a quarterback in NFL history on Sunday with a reported time of 4.41. That bested previous record holder and Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton's time by .22 seconds.

A report on Tuesday claimed that Griffin's time may have been even faster than that. Griffin is saying that he was told his official time was 4.35 seconds, according to the report from Yahoo! Sports.

"I was told on the field that it was 4.35 officially. They told me it was faster than what the screen had posted," Griffin said. "If that happens to be the right time, that’s nothing to be mad about, 4.41 is a great time. But you want to make sure the right time is put up there."

Ever the mature and sensical young man, Griffin is saying all the right things about his time. But plenty of people in St. Louis are probably hoping Griffin fights harder for the lower time. A 4.35 second 40-yard dash might earn the Rams a couple more crucial pieces should they trade the second overall pick.