Minor League Hockey Fan Shatters Glass With His Bare Hands (Video)


At 108.8 miles per hour, Zdeno Chara's slapshot could easily shatter the glass surrounding a hockey rink. It's the fastest shot ever recorded, after all.

But what about a fan? Could he or she match the power of Chara's shot? Could they even do it without the puck or stick, but just with their hands?

Well, for those of you out there losing sleep at night over questions like those, the answer is finally here. Yes, a fan can shatter the glass around a hockey rink with nothing but his bare hands.

In what is likely the most memorable game in Central Hockey League history, the Evansville Icemen and the Rapid City Rush faced off. Sure, they played hockey, but more than anything they provided the circumstances that allowed this incredible show of force to happen.

After a tremendous hip check that forced a turnover, the fan rose to his feet to slap the glass and celebrate. Seconds later, everyone was in awe as the glass shattered and fell to the ice.

Check out the fan's feat of strength in the video below.

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