Lil Wayne’s Teeth, Tattoos and ‘Weird Little Ears’ Steal the Show at Knicks-Heat Game (Caption Contest)


Lil Wayne's Teeth, Tattoos and 'Weird Little Ears' Steal the Show at Knicks-Heat Game (Caption Contest)All of Hollywood's and hip-hop's biggest the stars seem to come out of hibernating when the NBA playoffs get underway, but some NESN readers aren't too thrilled to see Lil Wayne make an appearance at the Knicks-Heat game. Check out Thursday's #NESNcaption winners below.

Chris Ryan I just saw my weird little ears on the Jumbotron and damn they are funny looking!

Tom Donaghue Suntan Mom takes in a basketball game.

Eddie TheComedian Blake Who sat the Egyptian Mummy in the front row,Gross!

Justin H. Mc ‎"Lol! Even I could play better for the Knicks!"

Cory Mac Skrzypiec maybe i shouldn't have cussed out my dentist after all

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