Todd Helton Rocks Out to 'Macarena,' Auditions for Shampoo Commercial (Caption Contest)Todd Helton has been a big leaguer for many years and has overcome many obstacles, but the Rockies first baseman must now deal with being the subject of a #NESNcaption contest. Check out the winners below.

Brett Henderson ‎'shoot, I can't believe I locked my keys in my car – now I have to ask one of these stiffs for a ride home."

Ted Markiewitsch Dam Pine tar!!!!!!

Joe Nee Hey Macarena!!!

Adam Van Vught Now watch carefully… this can be tricky, took me a while to learn it… "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes…"

Shannon Fontaine I wonder if I could do a shampoo commercial like Joe Mauer….