It’s been a testy series for the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers.

On top of the usual jawing and shoving on the court, players from both teams have been sniping at each other for what they say is dirty play. Early in the series, it was Indiana’s Lance Stephenson flashing a “choke” sign at LeBron James. Coming into Tuesday’s game, James and Dwyane Wade were calling out the Pacers’ Danny Granger for trying to “bait” them.

The situation certainly came to a head in Game 5 as Miami defended its home court against Indiana with the series tied 2-2. Granger left on a cart in the second half after rolling his ankle, but the real drama started earlier.

Partway into the second quarter, Pacers scrub Tyler Hansbrough took it to Wade in the paint, drilling his head and arms in a play that had Heat fans calling for a flagrant foul.

Miami’s Udonis Haslem returned the sentiment about a minute later with a vicious two-hand shot on Hansbrough.

Watch the carnage below.