Wes Welker’s Golf Teacher Says He’s ‘Totally Focused’ During Lessons, Motivated to Compete With Tom Brady on Course


May 4, 2012

Wes Welker's Golf Teacher Says He's 'Totally Focused' During Lessons, Motivated to Compete With Tom Brady on CourseWes Welker the golfer has a long way to go before catching up to Wes Welker the football player.

That's why he spent some time getting lessons Thursday in Florida. Welker got connected with Jim McLean, a well-known golf instructor who owns a school on the Doral Golf resort and teaches a number of pros, including 2011 PGA Champion Keegan Bradley.

McLean said Welker was the perfect student.

"It was really fun to meet him and to work with him, to see that world-class focus and concentration," McLean told NESN.com. "He was really an easy guy to work with. It was great. It was a fun day.

"There was really a lot of effort in doing the drills and the work. [Welker was] very easy to work with, and you can see that he really wants to do well even though he's a novice type of player. He wants to get better at it when he has the chance. He knows he's not going to play much golf right now, but he just wants to know a few more things when he goes out there, mostly for these charity events seven or eight years from now or more, whenever he retires."

Welker told McLean his motivation to get better partly had to do with competing with Tom Brady, who is a very good player. And since Welker plays in so many charity events, he wants to have a better feel for the game because he's out there on the course in front of so many people, not to mention the television cameras for the high-profile events.

"Those guys don't want to go out there and not have any idea what they're doing. People want to go out to watch them, and they'd probably like to do their best," McLean said. "To me, he wasn't a nervous type of guy at all, but it's something he's not used to doing. It's just one shot at a time in golf. We did talk about the tremendous difference in golf about trying to relax, chill out, smooth out. In football, that's pretty much the opposite. You want to get jacked up and just nail somebody."

McLean said there was a lot to work with because Welker was so dedicated to learning.

"He's been working out really hard here to get ready for next season, so of course, he's in great shape," McLean said. "He has a lot of speed in his swing. He has some pretty good basics. I really reviewed with him some golf stuff, the setup, the balance points, how he released the club. It's like going to training camp for golf, for a day of just learning about the game.

"He's able to hit some good shots. I just tried to get him where he'd have some things to work on, so if he had a chance to go to the range or just hit some balls that he wasn't just out there smashing one ball after another with no game plan."

It was a useful session for McLean, too, because he likes to learn how to teach different types of people. By getting a feel for Welker's work ethic, McLean said he'll have some examples to better relate with future students, whether they're football players or Patriots fans from New England.

"It was great talking to him about how much work he does in preparation for football," McLean said. "It was fun for me. I probably got more out of the day than he did, learning how he prepared, how organized the Patriots are, how serious Tom Brady is about everything he does, how absolutely, totally focused Wes Welker is. And I didn't expect anything less.

"When you're looking at an All-Pro, I know he's going to be great. It was fun for me because I work with some great players like Alexis Thompson, Keegan, Cristie Kerr and some other Tour players, so it's fun to see anybody that is really great at what they do. They do a lot more. It's not just the natural ability. They've got to have the natural ability, but the work ethic is unbelievable."

McLean mentioned he's already met Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick, so he's beginning to develop a rapport with the Patriots. And while Welker didn't set up any future lessons, McLean said they'll be sure to get onto the course sometime down the road. If Welker is a better player at that point, he knows he'll have McLean to thank for it.

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