Aroldis Chapman's Girlfriend Claims She Was Robbed in Pitcher's Hotel Room, Later Changes Story Talking to PoliceAroldis Chapman just can't seem to find his way out of trouble.

The latest incident in the Reds closer's off-the-field issues occurred on Tuesday night when his girlfriend, Claudia Manrique, claimed she was tied up in a Pittsburgh hotel room and robbed by a man claiming to be a maintenance worker.

After police interrogated Manrique for 12 hours, however, inconsistencies in her story began to emerge. At one point, she changed her story and told police that she had encountered her assailant earlier at a pharmacy. There, she claims he stole her wallet and threatened to harm her friend if she did not say where she and Chapman were staying.

Guests at the hotel Manrique was staying at responded to screaming from her room and found her there bound in a chair by cloth napkins.

"She passed out," one guest said. "She was frantic. She could barely speak."

Chapman told police that Manrique had been acting weird, recently and had also been recieving phone calls he believed were from a man she owed money to for getting her into the United States from Columbia.

A Louis Vuitton bag, belonging to Chapman, with $200,000 worth of jewelry was left behind after the "robbery," which the report indicates police are very skeptical of.

Chapman, who came to the MLB from Cuba, has been making news for the wrong reasons lately. He was recently sued for $18 millon by a Cuban man currently imprisoned on human trafficking charges and also received a speeding ticket for driving 100 mph.

On the field, however, the 24-year-old continues to impress for the Reds.