Report: Chelsea Staff Members Break Handle of European Cup During After-Hours ShenanigansThree Chelsea FC security staff members were suspended after they broke the handle of the European Cup.

The trophy, which Chelsea captured by winning the UEFA Champions League in May, was sent to a silversmith for repairs, according to the Mail.

“One of the handles was left hanging off after the three security personnel posed for pictures with the trophy to show off to friends,” the report says. “Although it was returned to its original position, a member of staff noticed the damage the following day and reported it to club officials.”

The culprits went to Stamford Bridge after other staff had gone home for the day. They were not supposed to have access to the building after working hours, but somehow made their way inside.

The trophy was not locked in the club’s trophy room, or even in a secure cabinet. Chelsea has been passing it around various departments so that they could share in the triumph. But it was left unattended when the damage occurred.

“The trophy was accidentally damaged while pictures were being taken,” a club spokesmna said. “It was minor damage and has already been repaired. We don’t make comment on staff matters.”

The mystery of Stamford Bridge — just how they managed to break the trophy — may never be solved. But Chelsea’s trophy management procedures deserve a thorough review after this incident.

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