Charlie Weis Says Brady Quinn Would Have Been Good NFL Quarterback With Him as CoachIt's not every day that a former NFL offensive coordinator declares that a backup quarterback with a career passer rating of 66.8 could have been a successful starter in the NFL, but that's exactly what Charlie Weis has done.

Weis, the head coach at Notre Dame from 2005 to 2009, told the Kansas City Star that former Notre Dame standout Brady Quinn would have been a good quarterback at the pro level had Weis been his coach.

"I know if I had him as a quarterback, I would have felt very comfortable that I could have won no matter where we were," Weis said.

His rationale was that since Quinn had already proven he could run Weis' NFL-level offense in college, doing the same thing in the pros would likely not be a challenge. In two years with Weis as his coach in South Bend, Quinn threw for nearly 7,400 yards and 69 touchdowns with a record of 19-6.

Quinn was drafted in 2008 by the Browns as the No. 22 overall pick but started just 12 games in three years before becoming a backup, first in Denver and now Kansas City.

Weis, recently named the head coach at the University of Kansas, has also been the offensive coordinator for the Patriots and the Chiefs.