David Ortiz Swats Away Media as Red Sox Continue to Surge

David Ortiz has had his problems with the media this year.

Prior to the Red Sox' game against the Miami Marlins on June 21, Ortiz lashed out at reporters after continual reports of turmoil in the Red Sox clubhouse. Whether Ortiz's comments were intended as a smokescreen to deflect attention from his teammates or simply him voicing frustration, Ortiz seems to have been able to keep the media at bay for now.

Of course, the Sox' 7-4 record since that day has also done a good job of silencing the team's critics. But Ortiz may not be able to fight off the media swarm much longer, as Sunday's 0-for-3 performance made it four games without a home run for Ortiz, who is currently sitting on 399 for his career.

If Ortiz remains stuck on that number much longer, you can count on the media scrutiny to intensify until he finally hits one out.