Magic Johnson Says Dream Team 'Too Smart,''Too Competitive' to Lose to Kobe Bryant's 2012 USA TeamOne by one, members of the Dream Team have been responding to Kobe Bryant, who said that this year’s USA basketball team would pull out a victory over the 1992 squad. Magic Johnson offered his feedback via Twitter.

Johnson kicked off his series of tweets by re-tweeting ESPN’s Dick Vitale, who said that he totally agrees with Michael Jordan, who admitted earlier in the day on Thursday that he “absolutely laughed” when he heard Bryant’s bold prediction. Johnson said that he “laughed as well.”

Johnson then issued the following tweets, which includes calling Jordan the greatest player of all time. Many would agree with that statement, but hearing it from someone who battled on the court extensively with MJ during the Dream Team’s scrimmages is pretty cool.

Johnson joins Jordan, Charles Barkley and Larry Bird as members of the Dream Team to respond to Bryant. Don’t be surprised if he isn’t the last Dream Teamer to step forward, though. After all, it’s in their competitive blood.

Magic Johnson photo (left) via Twitter/@MagicJohnson

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