MMA Champ Ronda Rousey Plans to Choke Sarah Kaufman Until She’s ‘Actually Dead’ (Video)


Ronda Rousey is tough, candid and a little bit scary.

There's not a lot of people that would enjoy stepping into the cage with Rousey, especially when the MMA champ is as focused as she is for her upcoming fight with Sarah Kaufman. The actual match will go down in San Diego on Saturday night, but the fighting words are already out in the open, with Rousey making some rather terrifying comments during the pre-fight news conference.

"I always fight the same regardless of the situation…I respect Sarah as an opponent and I've trained harder for this fight than for any fight before. She might not know it, but she should be thanking her lucky stars that MMA is properly regulated in California," Rousey said. "I respect her so much that I'm not taking any chances. If I get her in an armbar, I'm gonna try and rip it off and throw it at her corner. And if I get her in a choke, I'm gonna hold onto it, until she's actually dead. And if I get her in a knockout, I'm not gonna walk away from it. I'm gonna try to actually pound her face into the ground and she's depending on the competence of the California Athletic Commission to be able to walk out of that cage alive.

"And that has nothing to do with whether I like her or respect her — she seems like a nice chick — but, every single time I go in to fight, I pretend as if it's my little sister's life depending on it. And in that kind of situation, nobody could ever beat me."

Listen, Sarah, if you backed out now, no one would blame you. In fact, it might be in your best interest.

Assuming Sarah isn't reading this and that she will go toe-to-toe with Rousey on Saturday, it appears she'll do so with plenty of confidence.

"I feel really confident going into this fight," Kaufman said, according to USA Today. "And I'm confident that Ronda's going to bring it. She's going to show up to fight. She's going to try to kill me — which is kind of mean. But that's all right. At the end of the day, someone's going to walk out with the belt — and I want that person to be me."

Well, as long as everyone also walks away with a pounding pulse and all their limbs intact, we should be good.

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